Standard ISO 26000

Corporate Social Responsibility

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ISO 26000

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Provided by: LL-C (Certification) Czech Republic a.s.
Standard ISO 26000 was created with the aim to integrate corporate social responsibility into all processes and company culture.

The aim of ISO 26000 is to strengthen responsibility of organizations for their conduct and actions in line with sustainable development. By adopting requirements of this standard, you will improve reputation, internal culture and social responsibility of your organization.

Standard ISO 26000 is recommended to all types of organizations both from the public and private sector, regardless of their size or field of activity.

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Benefits of the Certification

  • You will get an internationally recognized certificate
  • Improved reputation of your organization
  • Greater trust of your staff and public towards your organization
  • Reduced impact of your organization on the environment
  • Ensuring social and economic responsibility 
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